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Advanced Social Superheroes

Advanced Social Superheroes

Our principal psychologist, Birgitta Osterberg, and Clinical Psychology Registrar, Caitlin Lord, used the foundations of the Superflex® program (such as the terminology and characters) to develop the Advanced Social Superheroes program that helps children to develop skills in emotional understanding and regulation. The program includes content such as:

  • Identifying different feelings and describing the severity of the feelings
  • Describing how our thoughts affect our feelings
  • Evaluating whether thoughts are helpful or unhelpful
  • Explaining how our body feels when we feel an emotion
  • Understanding that feelings change
  • Understanding how our thoughts and feelings impact our behaviour
  • Developing self-monitoring skills to shift our thoughts to change our feelings and behaviours
  • Asking people questions to determine what they are thinking
  • Developing effective communication skills to have a conversation
  • Working as part of a group to solve problems
  • Understanding wants versus needs
  • Understanding the right time versus the wrong time 


Early primary school aged children with social skills deficits and/or deficits in emotional understanding and regulation


All school terms (depending on demand)


5 weeks (starts in Week 1 of the school term)


Fortnightly Saturdays


80 minutes (50 minutes with children + 30 minute parent session)



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