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Connections Camp

When parents separate or divorce young people can feel a variety of emotions, such as: grief, anger, sadness, hurt, confusion, worry, and relief. Young people experiencing separation and divorce can find it difficult to talk to their parents about how they are feeling. They can also find it difficult to talk to their friends at school because they feel different from their friends. Because they think that their situation and feelings are unique and haven’t been experienced by others, they often feel isolated and misunderstood.

The Connections Camp allows young people whose parents are separated or divorced to have a safe place to express their feelings and discuss their experiences. Young people will benefit from meeting and connecting with other children in similar situations. The aim of the program is to help young people to talk about their feelings and experiences in order to normalise their feelings and experiences.

The Connections Camp group will focus on:

  • Understanding separation/divorce
  • Normalising feelings and experiences about separation/divorce
  • Discussing how their lives have changed
  • Allowing space to express grief about the loss of their family
  • Providing strategies on how to embrace their ‘new’ family structure
  • Developing strategies to manage two families
  • Developing an identity that is not linked to their parents’ separation/divorce
  • Building resilience

We are aware that weekend programs can be difficult for young people whose parents have separated/divorced because they spend time across parents’ houses. For this reason we only run the Connections Camp on weekdays during the school holidays. Participants are required to attend both sessions.


Young people whose parents have separated/divorced


(In 2015) 14 and 21 January




2 sessions


2 hours


9:00 am – 11:00 am

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