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Facing fear: Developing skills to treat childhood anxiety disorders

Anxiety disorders affect up to 20% of young people and significantly impair their personal and social functioning. Our goal as clinicians is to provide the best possible outcome for our clients; we can accomplish this by appropriately and effectively diagnosing and treating their anxiety disorders. This one-day interactive workshop provides a comprehensive overview of the diagnosis and treatment of anxiety disorders in childhood and adolescence. 

During this workshop we provide clinicians with numerous opportunities to practise new knowledge and skills in the assessment and treatment of anxiety disoders, including: developing case formulations and treatment plans based on case studies, engaging in demonstrations and role plays, and using problem-solving skills to troubleshoot complex cases. We use case studies and the DSM-5 diagnostic criteria to assist clinicians in the differential diagnosis of anxiety disorders. We focus on the planning and delivery of effective, evidence-based interventions for young people with anxiety disorders. We review the main components of cognitive, behavioural, and emotional regulation strategies. We explore, in detail, the theoretical basis and practical delivery of exposure-based interventions. 

By the end of this workshop participants will:

  • Receive a diverse range of practical resources such as handouts, templates, and worksheets
  • Use assessment techniques and the DSM-5 criteria to identify the presence and severity of anxiety disorders in young people using case studies
  • Develop case formulation skills for young people with anxiety disorders
  • Develop skills in treating young people with anxiety disorders
  • Develop skills in identifying a client’s core fear
  • Develop and refine skills in delivering exposure therapy
  • Understand the importance of and strategies for incorporating young people’s family members into treatment
  • Understand the empirical evidence behind anxiety disorder treatment modalities


Birgitta Osterberg

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