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Good Times Social Skills Group

Good Times Social Skills Group

The Good Times Social Skills Group focuses on empowering children as they work together in their development and understanding of intricate social skills. Children are provided with guidance and a social framework where they are able to take the wheel as they practise solving problems, feeling heard, validating the experiences of their peers, and enjoying the benefits of choosing positive, effective behaviours when interacting with others. Good Times balances learning, with fun and is designed to help children feel confident in navigating social situations and encourages a growth-mindset as they progress through primary school. The programme includes content such as:

  • Understanding verbal and non-verbal communication needed for interactions with peers and adults    
  • Developing effective communication skills to initiate conversation and play with their peers
  • Understanding and accepting differences in perspectives
  • Learning to provide and process feedback
  • Developing social problem-solving skills
  • Identifying emotions during conversations and recognising how they feel in their body
  • Working as part of a group to solve problems
  • Developing goals and persevering
  • Identifying subtle differences in verbal and non-verbal behaviours of others 


 Later primary school aged children (Years 3 - 6) with social skills deficits 


 All school terms (depending on demand)


 9 weeks (starts in Week 1 of the school term)




 50 minutes



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