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HIgh School Girls Social Skills Group

High School Girls Social Skills Group

The High-School Girls Social Skills Group allows girls to develop and understand the social, emotional, and behavioural challenges of becoming or being a teen at school. The group is presented as a safe-space for girls to interact with other same-aged girls as they increase their awareness and understanding of their high-school experiences. The High-School Girls group is facilitated in such a way that the girls have a positive role-model, and combines learning, with opportunities to socialise and develop meaningful connections. The girls work together to identify goals and strengths in themselves and others and provide each other with motivation to persevere during challenging times in their development and high-school. The programme includes content such as:

  • Understanding verbal and non-verbal communication needed for interactions with peers and adults    
  • Identifying effective communication skills to convey needs
  • Developing responsibility and accountability
  • Understanding challenging thoughts and emotions and how they impact on wellbeing
  • Developing goals and persevering
  • Identifying and evaluating personal strengths
  • Developing social problem-solving skills
  • Developing and maintaining a safe social space to learn and interact


 High school aged girls with social skills deficits and/or deficits in emotional understanding and regulation  


 All school terms (depending on demand)


 5 weeks (starts in Week 1 of the school term)


 Fortnightly Saturdays


 80 minutes (65 minutes with teens and 15 minute parent session)



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