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Pre-School Social Skills Group

Pre-School Social Skills Group

The Pre-School Social Skills Group teaches young children the foundational social skills needed for developing early friendships and maintaining positive and effective play with their peers. The children learn and practise social skills in play-based situations, including games, group activities, and group challenges. This programme allows children to better understand early social situations, and learn how to self-regulate their social behaviours and emotions. The programme includes content such as:

  • Learning the different ways of introducing themselves to people and peers
  • Understanding which words and behaviours to use when saying hello to people and peers
  • Understanding how to initiate and maintain play
  • Understanding how to follow instructions, share, and take turns
  • Understanding personal space and body language when playing
  • Developing coping skills when things go wrong during play
  • Developing effective communication skills to identify and communicate needs
  • Learning how to be careful and stay safe when playing in different environments
  • Working as part of a group to solve problems


 Pre-school aged children (3 to 5 years) with social skills deficits and/or developmental delays  


 All school terms (depending on demand)


 9 weeks (starts in Week 1 of the school term)




 50 minutes



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