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Superflex Group (K - 2)


The Superflex® program is a social thinking program created by Michelle Garcia Winner, a Speech Language Pathologist, from the United States. Superflex® is a fun and motivating, superhero-themed group program. The children act as superheroes and use their flexible brains to feel self-empowered to overcome their enemies (e.g., ‘Rock Brain’: someone who isn’t flexible and can’t consider others’ opinions). Superflex® helps children with social skills deficits to be aware of their thoughts and social behaviours and to develop strategies to be more flexible in their thinking and to feel empowered to self-regulate their social behaviours. The program includes content such as:

  • Being aware of and challenging our thoughts and behaviours
  • Understanding how our brains work and process social information
  • Behaving in ‘expected’ ways instead of ‘unexpected’ ways
  • Regulating emotions
  • Considering other people’s thoughts and feelings
  • Listening to, paying attention to, and helping others


 Primary school aged children (Years K - 2) with social skills deficits  


 All school terms (depending on demand)


 9 weeks (starts in Week 1 of the school term)


 Weekday afternoons (after school hours)


 50 minutes



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