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Transition to High School Group

Transition to High School Group

The Transition to High School Group prepares children for the high-school experience, including navigating the school grounds, classroom, assessments and homework, and friendships. The programme combines learning with encouraging children to interact with others who share similar or different concerns and excitements about the next stage of life. The children work together to identify helpful strategies, reduce worry, and increase confidence as they increase their awareness of the high-school experience. The programme includes content such as:

  • Developing social skills in the classroom, and playground, and with peers and teachers.
  • Identifying effective communication skills to convey needs and ask for help
  • Developing organisation skills and responsibility
  • Developing problem-solving skills
  • Identifying safe uses of technology 


Year 6 children transitioning into Year 7


January school holidays prior to commencement of Yr 7


2 weeks




2 hour session



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