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Preparing your child

Talking about their first appointment

It can be difficult to talk with your children about visiting a psychologist. We’ve found that the following information can help children to understand what we do and why it’s important that they see us. You could say:

  • At HMHK, we only see very young children, children and adolescents.
  • Young people see psychologists for a wide range of concerns. For example, sometimes they have really strong sad, angry or worried feelings that they don’t know how to manage. Sometimes they are having problems at school or at home. Sometimes they are having trouble making or keeping friends.
  • Psychologists help us to work out what isn’t going well in our lives and then they help us to work out ways to make it better.
  • If you want to be more specific with your child, you could identify some of your concerns for your child and suggest that your child will be seeing us to help with those concerns.

Social story

We understand that some children feel more comfortable in new situations when they feel prepared. We have created a social story to introduce your child to Healthy Minds Happy Kids. In the social story we introduce children to our team and our environment. We also tell children some of the things they might do with us while they are here.