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An important aspect of every treatment we offer at HMHK is to provide your child and family with psychoeducation. Psychoeducation is education about your child’s underlying emotional, social, behavioural and educational concerns. Psychoeducation is empowering because it helps your child and your family to understand and cope with your child’s concerns. Psychoeducation also helps us to better work together to help your child and your family.

We provide psychoeducation by:

  • describing the nature of your child’s concerns,
  • identifying the causes (where applicable) of your child’s concerns,
  • describing the effects of your child’s concerns on your child,
  • explaining how your child’s concerns impact your family,
  • outlining the role your family can play in supporting your child, and
  • discussing treatment options to help your child and family.

Please contact us if you would like to schedule an appointment for an assessment of behavioural, educational, emotional, and/or social concerns for your child.

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